Glasses are important part of office interior and exterior. Corporate houses spend huge amount in glass related decorations including windows and doors. Among many other factors, clean look of office depends upon cleanliness of its glass as it (glass) covers large area of the office including window and main entrance. Neatness of your office makes first impression with glass as clients and employees enter inside through glass door. It is a face of your office hence, it should be cleaned shiny.

Office doors and windows are frequently used so, it has high chances of being dirty. Finger prints and hand marks on the glass are common resulting untidy look of not just the glass but entire office. Professional cleaning is only solution to regain and retain original shine of glass.

  • Professional window cleaning:
  • Professional cleaners are people with expertise in concerned field. They are equipped with certain tools like brush, extra-long handled brush, scrubber and cleaning agents or supplies. They remove the dust at first as window is a place where grime accumulates a lot. Their safety measures help them to reach and clean every window easily. They reach even there where we cannot imagine of being.

  • When to clean window?
  • There is no specific time demarcated for window cleaning. It depends upon various factors like location of your office, speed of wind flow in the area, seasons and many more. If the office is located in dusty area then it has high chance of accumulating dust on its window which frequently calls for cleaning. Similarly, wind blowing in high speed is responsible for carrying dust particles which is also left on window. This also requires quick cleaning. Furthermore, with the end of rainy season you should call for window cleaning because rain does not clean the window rather it leaves tiny dirt particles accumulated over time. This is one of the reasons making window dirty.

    Normally, it is our experience that hospitals call for window cleaning once in a month. Similarly, banks and other offices require window cleaning thrice a year whereas restaurants and retail stores call for cleaning in every 15 days as their windows get dirty in short span of time because they have more walk-ins every day.

  • Professional door cleaning:
  • Door cleaning is less time consuming in comparison to window. But there are many doors in the office and each door needs special attention because it is frequently used having high chances of finger prints and other dirt over it.

    Professional cleaners clean office doors in such a way that it regains its original shine with spotless surface. They follow right procedures of door cleaning and use cleaning supplies as per the quality of the glass. Haphazard use of cleaning solutions on glass can spoil the original shine of the glass leaving it ugly. This is one of the reasons to hire professional glass cleaners as they are good at mixing required cleaning solutions proportionately. Your negligence in this part can cost you a lot including replacing the glass with the new one.

  • When to clean Door?
  • Put door cleaning in your daily schedule. It is easier than cleaning window. Cleaners do not need to take acute safety measure while cleaning door.

    Just reach an agreement with professional cleaning agency and every day a professional cleaner will get the job done before you arrive at your office. This is an act of keeping your office fresh, shiny, healthy and moreover, motivational factor to your employees.

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