Research shows that people in developed countries spend their maximum time indoors. Even you might be busy with your own indoor activities, be it running some business, managing household stuff, preparing some delicious pastries, playing  X-box with your friend or gazing at Sherlock’s mysterious episode in Netflix.

Chances are, due to this ‘jam packed’ schedule, you might not be getting enough time to focus on the look of your room. A room filled with clothes, shoes, papers, dust bunnies and overflowing trash cans is not a pleasing sight. Living in such a place is no less than living in a garbage can. Not only that, it also hampers your physical and mental wellbeing. How? Let’s find out!


Reduces stress

The place you live in has an immense potential to affect your psychological state of mind. Living in a place where everything is messed up can lead you to frustration because your mind gets to see clutter frequently. Also, the voice in your mind starts nagging you every time you see dusts, debris and stains on your carpets or walls.

Your mind needs some sort of serenity in your surroundings to get rid of the cacophony of life. For this, a clean atmosphere is a must.


For a healthy life

Cleaning activity can enhance your physical, psychological and emotional state. How? The reasons are simple.

A general cleaning process such as vacuuming, washing curtains and cleaning your furniture can reduce bacteria on surfaces and provide fresh in-door air quality. Dusts, debris, insects, pet dander and molds are extremely dangerous to your health and should be eliminated right at the first sight. This is the simplest way to remove allergens.

Cleaning is not just about making your house look beautiful. Since the process demands physical activity, it is the best way to exercise. Plus, this will also help you burn your calories. Isn’t it a bonus?


Increases Productivity

Working in a clean environment helps you in increasing your morale. It is impossible to focus on your work if your working table is loaded with files and papers. Say, you need a document and it is somewhere inside this sea of papers. Looking for it not only is hectic but also wastes your valuable time. This doesn’t bode well for a quality work right?

Here, organizing things to organize your mind is essential. Simply being able to work in a fresh atmosphere can reduce your mental load.

In addition to exercising, eating well, and all the other factors we usually associate with increased health, having a clean space can help one feel happier and more relaxed”, says Jennifer Baxt who is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician.

P.S This blog only ends when you start living in a clean place!