Office speaks about image and professionalism and first impression is the most important aspect for almost all offices. Neither you nor your clients and visitors want to enter an office space where dust and dirt gathered.  Your office setting needs to be crisp and clean and to keep it that way is by focusing on the details.

Sure, carpets and floors are regularly cleaned; office kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized by nightly crews. But what about desk chairs and tables that are often placed in high volume areas? There is more to office environment than just flooring. Oftentimes cleaning of office furniture is neglected or overlooked. Every part of your office needs attention, including your office furniture.

Remember that your office environment contributes to your employees’ state of mind and hence morale and productivity. When the office is cluttered so are the employees’ minds. Staffs and visitors come in contact with multiple workspace surfaces and furniture and office partitions top the list. At the same time, food particles, oil and grease from hands are easily transferred to the fabrics and furnishings, dust and dirt are also collected with movement. Furniture and upholstery cleaning, maintenance and care is and remains vital to you yourself and employees’ health and morale.

Why clean your office furniture?

Office furniture can be quite expensive as it is long term investment meaning the goal is for office furniture to last a while. Most office furniture is made from industrial materials that provide durability over hominess. The chairs, desks and workstations which are used on a regular basis so they pick up dings, scratches and water marks over time. These blemishes reduce the value and even the durability of office furniture.

More importantly, your office impression can dip in negative way with potential clients due to damaged or dirty office furniture. Customers expect a certain level of professionalism from their suppliers and partner-companies. If they see there is clutter in office spaces and/or soiled office furniture, this can be viewed as a company’s facilities are not well-kept. If a company can’t maintain its own space then it can’t provide the best service to clients, either.

While you might think it’s easy to just toss the old furniture in the dumpster and replace it with something new, in reality you’re likely much better off exploring your options with a furniture and upholstery cleaning service. Upholstery cleaning can be cost effective solution for businesses that have furniture that is still functional, but could use a good cleaning to remove stains, dust and allergens.

Bottom line, clean and organized office benefits the office and everyone involved in it.

Why professionally cleaning your office furniture?

Office furniture goes through a lot and you have different furniture made from different materials. That being said, you want to make sure it is cleaned correctly. Office furniture cleaning requires different protocols than cleaning furniture for your home. Each piece of furniture will require unique treatment. Different materials require different cleaning solution and if you don’t know exactly what to use, you could ruin your furniture. Caring for different furniture surfaces is easy if you stay on top of it but, if you don’t, you can always have your office furniture professionally cleaned.

Here are reasons you should have your office furniture professionally cleaned:

Cost savings

Your office furniture is long term expensive investment. You can’t afford to buy new ones every time your old ones look dirty. Again, just because you’ve had furniture for years, doesn’t mean you need to have it replaced.  By making your office furniture professionally cleaned, you can save thousands in the long run instead of replacing these items. Also invest in high-quality furniture than only needs cleaning and maintenance than in low quality ones that need to be replaced annually.

Revitalized appearances

In a professional setting, you don’t want to have furniture that sports stains or worn look. You definitely want to dress your office to impress and don’t want your couch to look shabby.  A great way to make your office clean and healthy is by keeping up with the care of your furniture.You can also make your furniture look new again if you have it professionally cleaned.The more frequently furniture is cleaned, the better stains can be removed as well.

Safety and comfort

Clean furniture also provides safety and comfort for your employees. Damaged foams or pads can lead to discomfort. With professional cleaning, damages to furniture can also be fixed and cleaned providing comfort and preventing risks associated with any damage.

Healthy environment

Office environment can directly affect your employees’ health. Dirty furniture and carpet can become host to numerous germs and bacteria. Offices are busy and bustling places and fabric and furnishings are often used regularly, meaning there are allergens in the air and furniture can also harbor pollens and other allergens. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned can help reduce indoor allergens and improve the indoor air quality of your office. Your employees and customers will certainly thank you.

Office productivity

As said earlier, clean office space with clean furniture will be beneficial to employees’ health and morale which will reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Clean furniture can also add to aesthetic value of your office.

Customer satisfaction

Have you ever sat down on a saggy couch in the reception and cloud of dust fly when you touch around? Office is a professional setting where impressions count a lot and dirty, dusty chairs in your reception area are NOT the way to do it. Give your office furniture a little TLC and professional cleaning on a regular basis, you create the best impressions and focus customers on things you do. It can convey professionalism not only to your employees but to your visitors, guests, and clients too.

Extend furniture longevity

Professionally cleaning your office furniture extends life of your furniture, protecting your investment and fixing a little problems enhancing value of your furniture. Tiny dust particles, invisible to naked eyes have jagged edges which slowly breakdown upholstery fibers over time. With regular cleaning, you are removing these particles and help extend the life of your upholstery.

And not only does your furniture look much nicer after professional upholstery cleaning, by removing dirt, debris and other particles you are actually protecting the furniture from unnecessary wear and tear, extending the life of your furniture.

What should you do in-between professional cleaning?

With business that has clients visiting your office regularly, you want to keep your office maintained crisp and clean. You can let your visitors or clients see cluttered office or dirty office furniture which can send a wrong message. That means care and maintenance of your office, from flooring to furniture is extremely important. Cleaning your office furniture and upholstery will prolong the life of piece and will make the office look polished and organized. Ultimately, the bottom line is keeping your office clean and organized is beneficial to your business. But things get messy. You can’t say that your office furniture will be clean all the time. Scheduling professional cleaning every day is not possible. You schedule professional office furniture cleaning at certain periods time, be every 3 months or 6 months. So, what should you do about it? What to do in between professional visits?

Here are some tips, simple and easy, DIY cleaning tips for you to follow in-between professional cleaning.

But before we begin with cleaning, follow some precautionary measures. Different types of furniture are made from different materials from wood to metal to leather and upholstery. And different types of furniture have different cleaning methods. Keep in mind that in all cases, there are couple of things you must do:

  1. Clean stains right away. Blot the spills and liquids. The longer you wait, harder it is going to be to remove.
  2. With any cleaning products and methods, test in an inconspicuous area for colorfast before moving on with rest of your furniture piece.
  3. Always follow instructions on how to use those cleaning products on your type of furniture.
  4. Use cleaning products in a well – ventilated area.

DIY Office Furniture Cleaning Tips

Wood furniture cleaning

Dust wood furniture regularly and avoid using abrasives or strong chemicals to clean it so as to prolong the life of furniture. Wipe away surface dust using soft, clean cloth, then dampen cloth in water and wipe away furniture, removing any stuck-on grime. Dry with a clean cloth and then rub furniture oil in the same direction as wood grain. Let it air dry.

Metal furniture cleaning

Metal furniture will collect dust and dirt and grime just as easily as wood or plastic or fabrics and it has one additional problem of developing rust.

Begin your metal furniture cleaning with wiping away the surface using clean cloth or natural sponge just like when cleaning wood furniture. Remove any dust and dirt from the surface with damp cloth. Next mix dishwashing detergent with warm water to make a cleaning solution. Scrub the furniture and rinse thoroughly and let it air dry.

Glass furniture cleaning

You need to care when cleaning glass furniture as glass is prone to scratches. Daily cleaning will remove any dust, debris or dirt that can be removed and cleaned easily. When cleaning don’t use any cloth material, that can leave scratches on a glass surface, even with slightest abrasive. Use warm water and a soft, lint -free cloth. Wring out excess water and wipe the surface. Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately with dry lint-free cloth.

Cleaning upholstery

Whether it’s located in your home or office, the state of your upholstery impacts the perception of the furniture’s quality and that of the owner’s personality. Upholstery materials range from leather and vinyl to fabrics such as linen or canvas.

Before doing any DIY cleaning on upholstered furniture, read the cleaning tag and the manufacturer’s instructions. Manufacturer instructions includes cleaning codes where W (referring water based cleaning), S (refers to solvent cleaner or water-free dry cleaning product), S-W (means it’s safe and appropriate to use either type of cleaner on the product) and X (indicates the you should not use any cleaners to avoid shrinking, discoloration or other damage, furniture should only be vacuumed).

How should you clean upholstered furniture? To remove any loose, visible dirt and dust vacuum or use dusting brush. Make sure to vacuum all the upholstery, including both sides of any loose cushions. Check for stains on your upholstery. Food, dirt, coffee and other stains respond well to Steam cleaning. You may need more than one treatment for stubborn spots. For oil-based or other hard-to-lift stains, chemical-based cleaners are required.

When you are looking to cleaning upholstery, if under tight budget, just use a simple detergent or cleaning solution and a sponge can be of great use. Test it on an inconspicuous area of furniture for any color fastness or your solution will not cause any more stains. Let the cleaning solution sit on the stain for several minutes so as to allow cleaning solution to penetrate the stains. Wipe the upholstery with a cloth and let it dry.

Cleaning leather furniture

You have to extra careful to clean leather upholstery but it’s easy to clean and maintain regularly by just wiping it down with a clean, dry soft cloth. For leather seats and covers, it’s important that you do more than just clean them.  You have to regularly condition and protect them to keep that glossy and rich quality look

Office furniture plays an important role when it comes to office impression. Clean and damage or soil free furniture can enhance your office impression along with clean office spaces and facilities. Clean and hygienic office environment also means your staffs are also healthy and are more productive. Bottom line, clean and crisp office space and furniture is beneficial to your office and business. Professional furniture cleaning will keep not only clean your furniture but it also increases the life of your office furniture by fixing any problems with your furniture, hence saving your investment. When following DIY cleaning however it is recommended that all cleaning methods be tested in an inconspicuous area to make certain the method is safe.

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