If you look through house-owner’s eyeball, most cleaning products have been in the radar of being defective or extremely expensive… Well, this was before you knew there was a subtle product like white vinegar.

As compared to various cleaning products in the market, vinegar doesn’t cause you a leg or a hand… And, it’s super easy to use and most-effective for household cleaning.

Don’t believe me? You will after reading this 5 effective uses of vinegar for household cleaning.

Carpet Stains

Did your pet just peed in you new carpet? Do the fresh muddy footprints irritate you? Kill these problems with a proper solution of vinegar and water. Yes, you heard me, vinegar are perfect for soaking up fresh contaminants from your carpet…

Materials you need:
• Vinegar
• Water
• Spray Bottle
• Towel

This is how you can carry out the vinegar cleaning process:

At first, prepare a neat solution of vinegar and water (1/1) in a spray bottle. Lightly blot the stain with a clean towel.
Repeat this process, until you soak up all the liquid possible. Now, apply the solution on the surface and let it stay there for 10 minutes.

After 10/20 minutes check your carpet, the result will surely delight you!


Trust me; Vinegar is the perfect match for cleaning your windows. The touch of vinegar is enough to make your windows gleam, removing all kinds of streaks from the glass.

This is how you make a perfect solution:

Mix one tea-spoon of white distilled vinegar with little amount of warm water. Now slowly rub it on the window. After the window is wet, you can soak-up the water by using a soft cloth.
You will be amazed to know that this method works perfectly for any kinds of windows.

Water Rings on Furniture

Water rings aka marks left by glasses or hot bowls doesn’t get along with a beautiful decor of your furniture. It is one of the most prevailing problems that a house owner has to face…

Glad to know, this is not the case anymore.

Yes! You can get over these stinky stains using vinegar.

At first, mix olive oil and vinegar in an equal ratio. With a help of a soft cloth, apply gently on the surfaces. Slowly, you will see the stains getting lighter or vanishing too. Then, take a dry cloth and start rubbing it to give it ultra shine.
If you have leather furniture, a simple tweak can give you the same result. Instead of a cloth, use a sponge and dab the water rings with it…

The result will fascinate you for sure 😀

With these 3 special uses, don’t you think vinegar deserves a warm place in your house?