Glasses can be a pain to clean. Just when you think that it’s finally clean, the light hits it and it’s glaringly obvious – a large streak running from the top to bottom of your otherwise perfectly clear glass.

With the Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Glass by Choice Janitorial, we promise you will have streak free glasses.


  • Make sure your water is fine

Yes, it sounds basic. But we often tend to overlook what’s in the water we use to clean. Since everything is visible on glass, water content can absolutely make a difference; especially so if you are using hard water.

If you are diluting a glass cleaner, using distilled water is the best option as it does not have all the minerals that tap water does.

  • Vinegar is your new best friend

Vinegar is a versatile cleaning agent as much as it is a kitchen staple. Whether you are considering a change in product or ran out of your favorite cleaner, grab the bottle of vinegar from the kitchen. It can work wonders on your windows and mirrors.

Pour an equal parts vinegar-water solution into a spray bottle and use it like a regular cleaner. The smell will go away after some time. Spritz away, my friend!

  • Minimize suds

When your cleaning routine requires soap to be mixed, go easy on it. Taking dirt from surfaces like glass tables does not take much soap. Just remember that soap = suds= streaks on your glass. As long as you limit the soap usage, you should be fine.


  • Choose your cloth wisely

The bucket of supplies that you lug around the house all day when you clean your windows…. Does it have paper towels in it? Yes, please take that out. Not only do paper towels leave streaks on your glass surfaces, they also leave annoying lint lines.


Instead, choose a microfiber cloth or a squeegee. But I would have to say that newspapers make the best glass cleaners. You would think that it doesn’t work. Grab a handful of newspaper to make your glass/mirror shine like it deserves and see for yourself. Also, don’t forget to wear protective gloves to avoid getting the ink on your hands when you handle the newspapers.


  • Buffing

Sometimes things don’t go the way you plan even when you follow all the rules and end up with streaks on your glass. In this case, closing down with a buff is the way to go. Take a dry piece of microfiber cloth and buff over the glass. Et voila! Sparkling streak-free glass!



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