Cleaning your home can take a lot of hours – hours that you can barely manage every day. So, make the most of your precious time with easier, effective and faster solutions and get rid of germs, allergens and dust that are lurking in your house. Here are 15-minute house cleaning tips, which can help you in turning your messed up life into a soothed one.


15-minute kitchen Blitz


00:00 – 00:05 : Spray disinfectant cleaner or distilled white vinegar on all hard surfaces of your kitchen including cupboard, sink, faucet, dining table and countertops and wait for about 5 minutes.

00:05-00:10: Clean your refrigerator. Dump all the leftovers that have been in your refrigerator for more than 2 days. Also get rid of the foods that are past their expiration date.

00:10-00:11 Replace old sponges.

0:11-00:15 Remove the trash. When you keep a new bag in the trash can, spray down the sides with cleaner and wipe it. Also, be aware of overflowing bags as they can invite bacteria.

Piece of Advice -You can ask your children to put their dishes in the dishwasher when they are done with eating (or help them if they are too small). Then, spray disinfectant cleaner on the floor and table, and use dry dish towels to wipe it clean.



15-Minute Bathroom Blitz


house-cleaning-chicagoToilets are one of the major hot-spots of germs and bacteria. Though urine is sterile, feces are absolutely not. When you flush, it sends all types of germs and fungus into the air. So, how can you solve such issues? Pretty simple!

00:00 – 00:10 Pour 2 cups of white vinegar or disinfectant into the spray bottle and spray it onto all the hard surfaces of your toilet (including the handle and rim). Then let it sit for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, you can do other tasks. Then, wipe down and scrub the surfaces with a brush.

00:10 – 00:13 Spray disinfectant on the sink and wipe it thoroughly. Make sure you have covered the handles and faucet as well.

00:13 – 00:15 Spray your shower, or shower door with vinegar. This prevents residue from building up on the shower.


Though you can make your house spotlessly clean within 15 minutes, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always follow the rabbit-rule. Gist of the article – cleaning doesn’t require extra hours as long as you can apply effective methods.