Professional cleaning business is associated with cleaning of home and commercial houses. Normally, individuals and corporate houses perceive us as a cleaning service provider who gets things done as per your requirement in exchange of some monetary value. Yes, this is true but PARTIALLY.


Here we unfold another aspect of cleaning service which is quite surprising for you. Rendering our service means you are supporting and creating employment for large group of people. It might appear a kind of give and take service but underneath it you are supporting livelihood of thousands of people residing in Illinois alone.

The commercial contract cleaning industry of the US is a business of more than $80 billion and the sector is growing at the rate of more than 6 per cent every year. As per report, around 875,000 cleaning based businesses are employing more than 3.5 million people in the US. The data braces all type of cleaning—home, office, special cleaning and laundry service.

Around 100,000 people of Illinois depend on this job. Basically, they are responsible for cleaning minor home chores to heavy duties like floor cleaning, pressure or power wash, glass cleaning, shampooing rugs and many more. Similar, they are involved in minor repairing and removing snow or debris.

According to statistics, 15 people out of 1000 are employed in cleaning sector who are directly or indirectly helping you to get clean and healthy. Moreover, they are the one who is creating healthy environment for us in home and office.

The statistics reveals that an average wage of cleaning expert in Illinois is around $14 per hour and their annual mean wage is $28,570.

After going through aforementioned facts you can imagine your unknown support to thousands of people residing in Illinois. Not exactly the same but in reality, together we are acting like an indispensable unit in the ecology (functioning) of economics i.e. individual household/commercial—professional cleaning services—expert cleaner.

You (household/commercial) hire us. We assign expert cleaners for the service and they get the job done for you. It is a kind of win-win concept that keeps the ball rolling on, knowingly or unknowingly.

This blog aims you to see the unseen part of cleaning industry and realize your unknown contribution to the society and individual. Your single call for cleaning means you are extending helping hands to at least three people as the average family size of Illinois is 2.59.

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