Cleaning is a habit. A clean house resembles a clean family. House cleaning is not a Hercules task like people think. It is just a matter of time management. If you are incorporated with a habit of cleaning house everyday then in such case it becomes just an affair of an hour or less. The priority and schedule based cleaning will unburden you as you will get more time to spend and enjoy with your family and friends on off days.

Following the tips below will help you to get your home neat and clean always:

    • Start your day by making your bedroom:

Make your bed no sooner you wake up. Various studies have proved that the people who started their day by making the bed appeared to be productive throughout the day in comparison to those who just left it (bed) messy. Place things in right place and manage the clothes. Put dirty clothes in a hamper. It does not take more than 10 minutes to get your bedroom tidy (including floor cleaning), if performed every day.

    • Assign a task to every family member

Normally, a group of people live in a house as a family. Assigning every single task to every member of the house will save a lot of time of an individual. For instance, It might take around five hours to clean the entire house for a single person. But it takes only an hour for a person if the tasks are divided among five people reaching five different places of the house at once. Collective effort will save at least four hour of a person especially, unburdening mother’s burden.

You can assign each specific area to each person. Even kids can perform certain light role and it is good because with everyday cleaning you are incorporating a habit of cleaning in them.  Grownups can extend their hands in kitchen, bathroom, living room or floor.

    • Do not wait for cleaning

If you see anything dirty or untidy just clean up! You do not need to wait for this. There is no specific best time for cleaning. Keep the dishes clean and do not wait for all the dishes to be piled up later on dishwasher. Cleaning individual dishes after its use lessens your burden not others’.

Always keep your counter clean. It is the place where clutters are accumulated. More the clutters less is the chances of cleaning counter resulting to the dirty counter. So, keep your counter up to date.

    • Use recommended cleaners and cleaning tools

Normal cleaning is not enough in all the cases. We bring various things in our house like soft drinks, sauce, coffee and many more. These things, if not handled properly spill out sometimes leaving its mark on the surface of the floor or the table or elsewhere. Cleaning these things in normal manner on the next day becomes really hard so, you need good quality cleaners. Choose right cleaner for right purpose. Do not forget to read its pH. Acidic or alkaline cleaners can damage or destroy the cleaned items. So, be cautious and try to use Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

  • Place doormats at the entrance

Doormats restrict large part of dirt entering into your house with shoes. People rub their shoes on the mat before entering inside the house and this will keep large part of dirt at bay lessening your cleaning burden.

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