Cleaning services in Chicago – for House, Office & Carpet

We offer you our excellent cleaning services like House cleaning, Office cleaning, commercial area cleaning services in Chicago. We also specialize in other cleaning services listed below:.

Snow removal Service

snow removal service

Snow removal could be a daunting task when there is a heavy snow piled up around your house and on the roof.

Only the experts can carry out snow removal service in those areas where cold weather and massive snow falls are intimidating.

Choice Janitorial’s snow removal services will clear snow from your walls, driveways and roofs.

Carpet cleaning service

Carpet Cleaning ServiceLeave your carpet cleaning service to us. We are experts in performing all types of carpet cleaning services that require careful handling.

We offer you our services for both rersidential and commercial sectors.

We know that different carpets need different handling. This is why our cleaners are well trained  and experienced to perform different methods in carpet cleaning services.

House cleaning and maid service:

House CleaningFor all those who are too busy to clean their house, we provide excellent and affordable house cleaning and maid service in Chicago.

Make it one time service, weekly or monthly, our house cleaning and maid service can be arranged as per your requirement.

Our cleaners will make sure that your house, office and carpet cleaning services meet our standards.

Pressure washing service:

Pressure Cleaning

If you are bothered by stains, dirt, tire marks, grime, mold, mud and dirt on your property, then call us to have them remove permanently. Our pressure washing service will make sure that those stubborn remaining are gone forever.

We use different pressure for different areas while performing pressure washing service. Pressure applied in windows are totally different from pressure applies on tiles and floors.

Steam cleaning services:

Steam Cleaning

We offer steam cleaning services for deep cleaning of your carpets and floors. Our steam cleaning is chemical free and the right heat ensures that your carpets and floors are grem free.

When you take our steam cleaning services we will avoid harsh scrubbing and rough handling to your valuable carpets and floors.