Spilled a wax on your carpet after a romantic candle light dinner? No one cares about that when a beautiful ambience is set up with some glowing candles around you in a fascinating mood. Then the next morning, you’ll start your day with some serious panic. YES, you’ll panic thinking about some ways to remove those candle wax from carpets.

Even I did panic after I spilled the wax on my carpet. However, I found some ways out to take them out. I am sharing you the same idea to clean your carpet and make that fresh as it was. Here you go…

  1. Collecting the materials

Here goes the list of pre-requisites to carry out the cleaning procedure. Make sure you can manage all of them before starting the wax removal process.

  • A blunt knife
  • Ice Cubes
  • A freezer bag
  • A paper bag
  • A pair of heat resistant glove
  • Lighter
  • A Spoon
  • Warm water and a bowl
  • Colorless detergent, carpet shampoo will work though
  • Kitchen Towel
  • A spray bottle
  • Plastic bag(s)


  1. Type of carpet- Check It

Remember-stain removal techniques do not react in the same way with every kind of carpets. It is certain that the carpet on which you’ve spilled the wax on will get even worse if you treat that with wrong solution.

Before applying the cleaning solution on the carpet, you can conduct a patch test-for your satisfaction and carpet’s well-being. Choose a carpet spot which lies in the corner of the room and apply a little portion of the solution on that piece of carpet. Doing so helps you in finding the type of carpet and solution to be used.


  1. Apply the “Cold Method”

Since you’ve already known the type of your carpet, now you can manage the cleaning products like shampoos and all to start cleaning the wax you spilled the day before.

The spilled wax remains on the carpet in the form of residue making it difficult to be removed. No need to worry even if that stays as a residue when you’ve got an easy cleaning idea, i.e. “cold method”.

Place those ice cubes which you had got ready earlier into the freezer bag and seal it. Water won’t run out to the carpet if you’ll follow the previous line. Keep the freezer bag over the area where the wax has left its impact until the wax feels suitably frozen to be taken away.


  1. Scratch the excess wax

Once the wax is set to be removed (cold method doesn’t take everything away), gently scratch and remove as much of the wax possible with the blunt knife as instructed in the 1st point.


  1. It is Hot method’s turn now

When cold method is not able to help you, try this hot method. Be highly cautious before starting this process as it involves use of naked flames in it.

Place the paper bag over the impacted area. Then heat the spoon (you should have your gloves on by now) over the flame of the lighter for around 5 seconds. Rubbing the brown paper over the wax with spoon is the next step here. To prevent the paper from sticking to the carpet, make sure the rubbing thing is done gently.

Repeat the process until you think the carpet is okay, and use new piece of paper bag every time you repeat the process. Reheat the spoon time by time so that the effectiveness along with the heat won’t go away.


Note: If the wax is of colored type, you can simply use a detergent solution to give that part of the carpet a softer rinse.

These all are some basic point to remove the wax stains which you may spill accidentally. Following it in the same way (as written) allows you to remove the wax in most effective and efficient way.