Office appearance and environment is always an important part of a company’s image. A clean well-lit workspace and reception area gives a favorable long lasting impression on customers and employees while keeping in mind health of employees. Now if you want a healthy clean office environment you’d want to hire a professional cleaning company.

With so many cleaning companies, the task of finding the right one for you and your business requires gathering information and doing research. You want to find a professional cleaning company with the skilled staff, ample resources and dedication to the task at hand.

However it can be difficult sometimes getting to know individual companies without having a real conversation with them. In order to help make your job much easier, here is a list of questions to ask any prospective cleaning company.


#1 How long have you been established?

This doesn’t have to be a deal breaker but do you want your company to be training ground for newly minted cleaning company. Experience does matter and also depends greatly on the type of industry your business is in.  You can trust that experienced companies can perform better and have fewer cases of miscommunication or cleaning errors. Look for a cleaning company that has been in business a minimum of 10 years and has grown throughout hose years.


#2 Are you insured?

This may be one of more important questions to ask. With insured cleaning company, you are protected from any cleaning mishaps and also ensure your financial security. All professional cleaning companies will have the requisite liability and workers compensation insurance needed to conduct the operations safely and securely. Ideally there should be a written policy in place regarding procedures for dealing with breakage/damage.  Ask to see it.


#3 Do you have quality assurance program in place?

Ask the cleaning company what methods cleaning company use to measure quality on an ongoing basis. What quality assurance policies they have in effect. How do they guarantee their work and what happens if you have query regarding their work? The gold standard for quality control in cleaning industry is janitorial inspections. Janitorial inspections help company to know if they miss anything and make sure such inspections do not happen again. And the right cleaning companies will ensure that all of the work they do for you meets with your complete satisfaction. These are all things that need to be resolved before a problem occurs, and preferably in writing.


#4 What is your capability and services you offer?

Different businesses have different requirements. Ask the potential cleaning company whether they have the capacity to handle the work you need them to do. If the answer to this question is “we clean everything,” take warning. It’s best when janitorial companies can tell you exactly what they do and how they do it. A professional reliable cleaning company will ensure they remain up-to-date with latest procedures, safety measures and products to ensure complete client satisfaction.


#5 What types of products do you use?

In this age, most people look for green practices and products. Even cleaning is preferred if you can do less harm to the environment.  Ask the cleaning company whether they will implement ‘green cleaning practices’ and refrain from using harmful chemicals as much as possible to keep your workplace healthy and safe.


#6 what hours can you work and what are your rates?

Cleaning offices needs to be done at off-peak hours so that it doesn’t hamper work at the office. Make sure the cleaning company you choose can tailor a work schedule to meet your company’s schedule. They need to meet your requirements and scope of work, and adapt their cleaning schedule – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

Just as in any business transaction, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for every dollar you spend. Ask prospective cleaning company their rates and whether that is all-inclusive or are there any extra fees for additional cleaning.


#7 Who does the cleaning?

Many established and larger company have multiple cleaners that comes to your business throughout the year. Every cleaner or team of cleaners must be trained, certified and background checked and equipped to handle all of your business’s cleaning needs. You should also know who will be in possession of your keys in case of emergency or if something goes missing.


#8 How do you screen and hire your employees?

Many commercial cleaning services work off-peak hours to accommodate their clients’ needs. You have your own requirements when you are hiring employees. The same goes for a janitorial company. Most reputable services perform background checks on all of their employees. This background check should involve employment references, criminal checks, verification of their social insurance number and drug testing policies. Before granting a cleaning service unsupervised access to your facility, you may also wish to inquire about the pre-employment background check process and employee turnover.


#9 what training do you provide to your employees?

Training is also an essential question especially for certain types of businesses. The quality of training makes a difference in quality of work and reliability. Ask the cleaning company about the training routines and any specialized equipment training employees uses on the job. This industry has high employee turnover making many services are just desperate for someone to throw and get job done. So, new hires may get very little training making cleaning job of less quality and even unsafe. Ask specific questions that relate to your business.


#10 how will communication be conducted?

Communication with your cleaning crew is important. You will need to tell them   what your expectations are when cleaning your office. An effective two –way communication system is necessary for this. In case of emergency, you should also know how to contact their supervisor or manager.


Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is one way to keep your business looking neat and polished. It is essential that you trust the company you’ve selected, in addition to cleanliness, so that you don’t have any liability issues. Asking the right questions will get you the answers you need.

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