Furniture with matching upholstery further beautifies the look of your interior. Clean couch or chair in the home resembles your personality. Despite the fact, such beautiful furniture appears dull as it collects dirt on it over the course of time. Normally, homeowners try to protect furniture from dust with cover (furniture cover) but this is just a temporary solution. Moreover, it just hides grime exposing risk to your health.

As a professional cleaner, Choice Janitorial is good at cleaning upholstery of your furniture. Our service not just regains the beauty of your wooden or metal piece (furniture) but also ensures clean and healthy environment of your home.

We have a set of experts who are versed in upholstery cleaning. They gently take care of your expensive material by removing dust and other stains. We use eco-friendly cleaning solution that can remove 99 per cent allergens found in the couch or chair. The other benefit of such product/s is: it does not leave any kind of residue on the top of the surface. Hence, there is no chance of skin irritation or any other side effect.

Similarly, the cleaning process also gets rid of different types of bacteria found in the air. It means we present you a home with improved air quality along with refreshing furniture.

Furthermore, once the solution is applied over the upholstery, we extract it with particular equipment leaving no dirt and allergens on the surface. The method is applied repeatedly with stubborn stains on the surface and the positive side of the technique is that it does not damage your furniture. In addition, our experienced cleaners do not forget to sanitize and deodorizer the material.

Generally, cleaning service providers apply deodorizer in order to hide the existing odor that is there in the furniture. But the deodorizer that we use will remove the odor keeping the piece fresh for long time.

Here below are some facts that illustrate the reason for hiring professional upholstery cleaners:

  • Upholstery manufactures recommend professional upholstery cleaning once in between two to four years. It also depends on the place where your home is located. If it is in dusty area, then it requires cleaning in shorter period.
  • More than 80 per cent of dust brought in your home gets accumulated on the upholstery of the furniture.
  • Never allow spills soak in the upholstery. If ignored, the area turns out to be best breeding place for bacteria where they can multiply in an hour.
  • Simply vacuuming is not enough with any kind of upholstery.

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