The productivity of an organization is directly related with its cleanliness. According to report, professionally cleaned offices ensure health of workforce resulting greater output than untidy work place.

A survey conducted in the US concluded that an adequately cleaned office can boost its productivity level by five folds in a year in comparison to dirty office.

A recent report, on the other hand, revealed that flu is one of the main causes triggering employee absenteeism. Due to this reason 111 million workdays are lost annually throughout the US which in monetary value is equivalent to $7 billion loss.

Aforementioned facts unfold the necessity and importance of professional office cleaning. It is one of the best ways to secure healthy environment of the office.

Experienced cleaning company like Choice Janitorial is the best solution for any kind of office cleaning. Our expert cleaners are good at removing germs and bacteria from every corner of the office. Moreover, we are responsible organization that uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean your office. It ensures and enhances both—health of the employees and productivity of the organization.

Impact of our professional cleaning in your productivity:

Check employee absenteeism:

Office is a place where many people work together sharing same room or space. Dirty office consists of different types of germs and bacteria. They are responsible for transmitting disease/s to employee/s. One sick employee may not disturb the functioning of an organization but few sick workers have an impact on the operation of the organization. They cannot perform their responsibilities and the workload is passed to healthy workers. This will increase pressure on healthy workers. It reduces quality work and output of the organization. Hence, to get rid of unhealthy work environment and reduce employee absenteeism professional commercial cleaning is must.

Clean office is a kind of motivation:

A clean office is responsible for maintaining employees’ morale. There is a direct relation between employees’ morale and output of the organization. High morale results high productivity and vice-versa. Employees do not like to work in cluttered environment. So, it is the responsibility of the organization to get its employee in feel good state at first. This will surely increase output.

DIY can backfire:

Cleaning office yourself is not bad idea. You can grease your elbow for minor dusting but do not use cleaning products because you lack cleaning knowledge. You might use the chemicals excessively and they release toxins in the air. This is hazardous for you and your employees’ health. Moreover, it contaminates our environment. Only professional cleaners are aware regarding the use of cleaning solutions. They know which product is safe to use in public areas and act accordingly.

Get rid of distraction:

Distraction is common with untidy workplace. The messes around employees disturb them a lot reducing their work efficiency. Removing such messes will get employee back on track where they will focus on work.

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