If you have had a case of mold in your home before, or know someone who did, you know how it could be killing your house silently. The picture of mold in your head alone is enough to make you cringe. Mold could be growing in your home undetected in places you can’t see (like the back of the drywall or above ceiling tiles). Follow the guide below to prevent mold in your home:

  • Moisture is your enemy!

Mold forms where there is moisture. Clean all areas that hold moisture frequently. Mold needs 24 to 48 hours in moisture to grow. When you leave something wet for more than 24 hours, chances for mold to grow is very high.  Clean/ dry up leaks and spills as soon as possible.


  • Humidity is its friend!

Mold thrives in a humid environment. Reduce humidity through ventilation. Humidity is least when it is hot outside, so open your windows. Close the windows when it’s raining because humidity is at its highest. Make use of exhaust fans to let out steam and moisture when cleaning, cooking or doing the dishes. A dehumidifier is a good investment if you live in a particularly humid area.


  • Don’t let it have food!

Mold feeds on organic substances like paper, wood and cotton. Mold does not grow on inorganic substances like plastic, metal or glass unless it has a layer of some organic substance (like grease) on it. To prevent mold from growing on such substances, remove dust, dirt and grime on a regular basis.


  • Don’t let it come into your home!

Mold spores are everywhere floating in the air. They could travel into your home through windows, doors, air ducts, etc. Even you, your family or pets could be bringing them in to your home. You cannot completely stop them from entering your home. However, hygiene and regular cleaning of the house with a vacuum cleaner will drastically decrease the number of mold spores in your home.