Halloween is around the corner and we could not be more excited about it! Situation: You are throwing a Halloween party at your place this year and lazied on the cleaning and prepping. Here is our simple and easy-to-follow guide to prepare your home before the party:


  • Freshen The House Up

The first thing you want to do is open the windows. Let the fresh air come in to the house. Spray some fabric spray on your pillow, blankets and bed. If you want to take it a step further, light aromatic candles and your house will smell amazing. However, avoid products that are too antiseptic because you want your home to smell “nice”, not like a hospital.


  • Prep Up The Entrance

The entrance is the first place to leave an impression on guests who arrive to your party. The entrance of a home should feel warm and inviting. Make sure you leave the lights on when the guests arrive. Also, assign a space for hanging coats and hats close to the door. Keep a shoe rack for guests if they want to take their shoes off and a bucket in case someone brings an umbrella along.


  • Cancel Clutter

For the small things that don’t really take up much space and yet, somehow manage to make rooms look messy, grab a big basket and dump them in for the mean time. Gather trinkets from all rooms and stash the bucket somewhere your guests can’t see them. Unload and put everything back to where they belong after the party.


  • Don’t forget the bathroom!

Clean the mirror with a microfiber cloth and some cleaning solution. Squeaky clean! Also, look at the bathroom from your guests’ point view. Check sitting down and standing up and clean up whatever meets your eye. Stock up a number of fresh, fluffy hand towels so that everyone doesn’t end up using them throughout the night. Also, don’t forget to put in a new roll of TP and backups nearby.

  • The Kitchen

The kitchen can be quite busy during the party, which is why you want to cut back on the space being taken up by unnecessary countertop appliances. Pack those away for now. Wipe the counter, fridge, stove and cupboards. If you don’t have the time to do the dishes, fake an empty sink by hiding them in the dishwasher but obviously, you have to wipe the sink. You could also adjust the things inside the fridge to make room for beer, appetizers or food your friends might bring.


  • The Bedroom

As a general rule, your room is not exactly the ideal place for everyone to hang out. But just to be on the safe side, clean up the room of any clothes lying around (or even worse, underwear lying around. Yikes!), do your bed in a simple manner, toss stuff from your nightstand to the drawer and all should be good.


  • The Living Room

A quick fix to clean the living room is to adjust the biggest pieces in the room. Straighten out cushions, rugs and don’t forget the sofa cleaning. Wipe the table and TV. For the finale, clean up the space with a vacuum cleaner.


  • Hide the evidence!

Now pack up all the trash you collected and dispose it. Top the trash can with a new garbage bag with another bag underneath it for easy and quick garbage disposal in case there is too much trash. Let’s make everyone think that you live in an eternally clean house. *wink*


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