Whenever you think about exterior or industrial cleaning two words surface in your mind simultaneously—power wash and pressure wash. Both the terms are used interchangeably but there is a major difference between two.

Power Wash Pressure Wash
It uses high force of hot water to clean the surface.


Like power wash, it also uses force of water to clean the surface but applied water is normal and velocity of water force is relatively low in comparison to Power wash.


Understanding the difference between two is must as it helps you to select the right option as per your cleaning requirement. Selection of power or pressure wash is a matter of confusion among customers. So, go through the table and find out the appropriate wash technique for you.

Power Wash Pressure Wash
Power wash is promising as heat water gives deep clean removing salt and weeds.


Best choice for complex cleaning like removing gum and stubborn stains from the surface of your wall.

Best technique to get rid of dust and grime along with loosely attached other unwanted dirt on the surface of the wall.
High velocity of water stream can get under shingles tearing them apart. It can lead to mildew or mold. Ideal for roof cleaning as the force of water stream does not tear shingles and very less chance of mold or mildew.
Best remedy for oily and greasy surface. Hence, it is highly used in industrial area. Recommended for garage cleaning. Perfect technique to clean bricks, walkways and patios.


Ideal choice for metal surface. Best way to get your wooden surface clean.


Depending upon your cleaning need now you can select the best washing option—power or pressure. As a professional, we recommend you to get your home wash at least once a year. This will increase the value of your property, regain beauty of home and ensure health of family members.

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