Whenever a construction completes, you can imagine the debris that is left by the construction work. Whether it is commercial construction or a residential construction, post construction cleaning is obvious to be a back-breaking one for people. This is why people seek for commercial cleaners for post construction cleaning.


Do you know the steps involved in post construction cleaning?

–          Debris removal

As the construction gets completed, a lot of remains of construction are left over. So the post construction cleaning starts right from eliminating them from the place and accumulating somewhere that you will remove later.

–          Dust removal

The construction work accumulates a huge quantity of dust in the construction site.Thick layers of dust are mounted in every nook and corner of the building and this means you need a lot of time and effort to complete the dusting.

A professional cleaning company brings all the cleaning equipment required to remove dust from even the hard-to-reach corners and areas of the site.

–          Washing

Washing followed after the dust removal makes the post construction cleaning effective. This washes away any remaining dirt and makes your place dust free and all set.


Choosing the right post-construction cleaning company

There are hundreds of cleaning companies around. But several of them are just a bunch immature guys with a very little or no experience of post-construction cleaning. So there are some questions that you can ask them to ensure you have chosen the right post-construction cleaners.

How long has it been since they are in this business?

Cleaning company with more experience has a better understanding of the business and probably have worked in more number of projects. So there are also the chances that they may have the techniques and skill that new cleaners lack.

– Are they insured?

If they have liability insurance, this will cover if any damage is done during the project. Also, workers compensation insurance assures they will themselves cover the damage if any workers get injured during the project.

– Can they give some references?

Ask them for references. If they are able to give a list of references, then they have to have happy customers who happily refer them to others.



Choosing the right post-construction cleaning company in Chicago

In this huge and crowded yet beautiful city of Chicago, there are thousands of cleaning companies running to keep her clean. There are experienced ones, some of them are average and there are some of the cleaning companies who are just a novice and lack enough experience.  So which category cleaners you want to end up with?

I take an oath to you; Choice Janitorial is the cleaning company in Chicago that has all the quality that people seek for in a cleaning company. When it comes to post-construction cleaning in Chicago, we have all that takes to give you the satisfying result.

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