Monsoon is about to begin and this is the perfect time for corporate houses to get their windows clean. Generally, business houses rely on professional hands for everyday office cleaning. But, such common practice of cleaning does not deal with the outer surface of windows because it (windows cleaning) is categorized as different aspect of janitorial service.

Commercial window cleaning is not as simple as regular office cleaning. It demands safety of the cleaners at first because they normally clean the windows of commercial buildings or skyscrapers standing on window cleaning platform or suspended scaffold. Hence, it involves greater risk.

The outer surface of the window (glass) accumulates maximum dust particles as a result entire office appears dirty. People believe that rainy season gets the windows clean but this is not the truth. In reality, it smears dirt throughout the windows leaving untidy water spots on the surface.

Moreover, we regard this as right time for windows cleaning because it already tolerated the harshness of the winter and spring. And due to this it has accumulated a lot of dust particles on it. Moisture naturally occurs in the air during chilly season. UV rays that strike the windows are magnified by the moisture. And this turns out to be one of the reasons for weakening the glass.

Similarly, unpredictable weather pattern (shift in temperature and storm) of spring deposits schmutz on the outer surface of the windows. Hence, to get rid of all this and regain the original beauty of entire office, this is right time to deal with your windows.

How window washing protect your window glass?

After cleaning the windows we apply glass protectants on the surface. It creates molecular barrier which repels water and airborne pollutants. It is also responsible for reducing light scratches. This kind of window treatment will give you a clean window for around six to 12 months although it depends on the area where your office is located. If the office is in dusty area, then you need window cleaning service twice a year. Otherwise, it is once a year affair for you.

Undoubtedly, office appears fresh after complete window washing. As a professional, we suggest you to do both the things at this time around—window cleaning and deep office cleaning. The former regains the beauty of the office whereas the latter secures the health of entire workforce. As a result, both the acts will increase the productivity of the organization.

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