Most of the organizations allocate certain budget for cleaning at present. Office cleaning is must and the title makes space in your account as a fixed expenses. Yes, this is true and none can deny this fact.

Budget is everything. It is a basic monetary guideline that allocates certain money to spend under certain or all titles for any office. In other words, the functioning of entire office is regulated as per allocated budget and this is essential because under its guidelines the office is restricted from being extravagant. Moreover, it focuses on being economic which is directly associated with the profit of the organization because less spending means saving of the organization.

Normally, organizations hire professional cleaning service these days. They hire them on various bases like hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. In this blog we will highlight the basis of hiring janitorial service for your office. This is so helpful in drafting your office’s annual budget under the title of cleaning. Furthermore, it helps you to make comparisons among different basis of cleaning and choose the best alternative that saves your money with desired result.

Cleaning as per square foot:

You are well informed regarding the area of your office. You can ask a quotation with the janitorial service provider mentioning the area of your office and they will provide you estimation with per square foot cost. But before putting pen on paper for the agreement between parties do not forget to know about the provision regarding windows and door cleaning. This might not be included in the estimation based on cost/square foot.

Similarly, you can also call the service provider at your office and ask them to observe the area and draft the cost per square foot cleaning for your office. This is more effective because you can talk to them face to face in detail and reach the agreement.

Cleaning on hourly basis:

It is simple basis of hiring cleaning service under which you will pay on hourly basis. The more time they (cleaner) spend the more you pay. Call the service provider at your office and ask them to estimate the time required for cleaning your office. This includes cleaning of almost everything from hard-floor to carpet, desk to bathrooms and door to windows and so forth. It is very simple technique of hiring a professional cleaner under which they get job done within estimated time put forward to you by the service provider before cementing the agreement. This is widely accepted basis of cleaning.

Here you need to consider one thing and that is the office which was cleaned yesterday might not take the same cleaning time today. There is a probability that it takes less time than yesterday. So, be cautious about this fact before signing the deal and ask the service provider how they address this issue.

Weekly cleaning:

Many offices go with weekly cleaning service. They get the office minutely cleaned once a week and pay certain charge for the service. The service provider cleans the office every week for you under this type of agreement. Janitorial service provider offer some discounts in this type of service because you are one of the regular customers with who they want to keep long term business relationship.

Monthly cleaning:

Normally, offices are cleaned hourly or weekly. Monthly cleaning seems absurd idea with office. Besides regular cleaning, there are something in office which requires monthly or bimonthly cleaning such as carpet, windows and door and many others. So, negotiate properly with your service provider regarding all these things while reaching the agreement and get the deal done in transparent manner so that you may not feel deceived later.

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