Holidays is the busiest time of the year for many of us, with parties, visiting family and friends, shopping for best gifts, cooking special meals and overnight guests, etc. The decorations aren’t the only thing you’ll want to be sparkling during festive season. In all of this, you still have to add time to clean your home to welcome guests who are likely to drop by to share in some holiday cheer.

Unfortunately, with increasing holiday activities, it seems much harder to keep your home clean during holiday season. This is something almost all of us have battled at some point in life.

But cleaning doesn’t have to be added to your stress. One way to stress free holidays and clean home is to begin early since time flies quickly through holidays and before you know it, Christmas will be here. Here are housecleaning checklist and tips to keep your house clean and organized this holiday season.


Make a List and Choose Your Priorities

Whether you’ll be having lots of guests over holidays or just you and your family, you’ll feel better with clean and organized home. Prioritize your cleaning tasks that actually matter like guest bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and kitchen and ditch the ones that go beyond surface cleaning – your bedroom and the garage can wait.


Start Off With Clean Slate

Give your home deep cleaning before the start of holiday events. This way you will have less of cleaning tasks and you are motivated to keep it clean and neat, resulting in your home looking neat and wonderful the entire holiday season. If pressed for time, hire professional cleaning team for more thorough home cleaning. It’s a gift you’ll be glad you gave yourself!


Delegate Tasks

Prepping your home for holiday parties or overnight guests can be hectic. Eliminate day-of cleaning chaos by dividing your house cleaning tasks into doable segments and enlist help from your family members. Things will run much smoother and be less stressful.


Kitchen Cleaning

People tend to gather around food during festive season and kitchen is where all the action happens. So make sure your kitchen looks and smells nice. Give it a deep clean now so you only have to do minor touch-ups before guests arrive. Empty your dishwasher before your holiday cooking increases your dish duties – wash the dishes as you go.Stovetops and ovens are bound to get dirty with all your holiday cooking, use a solution of baking soda and water to scrub off that baked-on gunk. Don’t forget to wash glassware and silverwares, dust light fixtures and flush sink drains with boiling water.


Keep Up With the Contents of Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator will be seeing a lot of action the next few weeks, with more food stored than usual. Who knows who will peer inside? You don’t want your refrigerator smelling! Go through the shelves, clean out anything you don’t need or expired before loading it up with holiday food preparation. Wash off the shelves, drawers and doors and take the time to dust and vacuum the condenser coil.


Keep Everything in Its Place

It will be tempting to save a few steps and not put items back into place when you’re cooking, crafting, decorating or celebrating this holiday season. Just say no! When you take something out to use it, be sure to put it back once you’re done. Not only will your home look cleaner with everything in its place, but keeping your home organized prevents stress later because you’ll know exactly where items are when you need them. No one needs added stress during the holidays!


Keep Decorations to a Minimum

Just because your attic is packed with holiday decorations doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Overdoing can just make things look tacky. Once the guests leave, you’ll have plenty to clean already so don’t add extra work and stress with boxes of holiday décor. Choose holiday decorations that are tasteful. A beautifully appointed Christmas tree, perhaps some garland and sparkling decorations on the mantel, and a wreath on the front door is all you’ll need.

Also, to avoid trouble of cleaning pine needles, give artificial trees a chance. They come in a Variety of natural looking shapes and sizes. You have scented candles if you want natural smell.


Scrub Your Entryway

With many people visiting, your front door will get a lot of attention so pay attention to small details and clean them and welcome guests with festive wreath. Get rid of leftover mail, sweep the front steps, rake leaves, give the doormat a good shake and if you don’t want inside of your house messy with wet boots, make a rule of no shoes inside.


Let there be light

Show off your clean, organized abode by letting as much natural light in as possible. Pull the curtains back and roll up the shades.Yes, simply letting sunlight flood in can take your home from looking dark, cluttered and drab to looking bright, spacious and fabulous. Keep windows clean and streak-free and hang lights and display decorations around streak-free window.


Follow a cleaning schedule

It’s ok to let some things go when you’re busy with holiday parties and events, but there are some cleaning tasks that have to be done. Like laundry and washing dishes. Staying on top of these things will allow you to enjoy the holiday season without stressing about a messy house.


Holidays are already hectic with shopping, guests, parties, etc.  so don’t add stress with cleaning every nook and cranny of your house. Holidays come once a year so enjoy and cherish those around you. Remember to be flexible in your plans with unforeseen holiday challenges so that your guests will enjoy company, home and meal. Keep the memories not the mess.

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