Cleanliness is must. And in case of restaurant kitchen, it is mandatory. Compromising with kitchen in this regard means exposing customers to food-borne risk. A restaurant kitchen should meet the standard set by state and federal laws. State government can shut down or fine the restaurant if it finds the kitchen dirty at the time of inspection.

Restaurant kitchen definitely requires professional cleaning. Their expert service will keep you on safe side from all kind of threats aroused by dirty kitchen. It helps you in retaining customers and ensures high employees’ productivity.

Restaurant kitchen operates for long hours requiring frequent cleaning in certain intervals of time within 24 hours. Professional cleaners can get the job done at right time without affecting its smooth operation.

Normally, kitchen staff is responsible for its cleaning. But this is not sufficient because they are not trained cleaners and cannot clean deep. Moreover, closing time of a restaurant is also a time to clean kitchen. Your staff just wants to get the job done quickly and leave for home. Expecting perfect clean from them in rush is something absurd.

Besides dusting and mopping, kitchen requires intense cleaning and this is only achieved through professionals like us—Choice Janitorial.

How do we clean restaurant kitchen?

Kitchen is sensitive part of restaurant. Different types of food are cooked here and due to this infinite numbers of harmful microorganisms are found in the kitchen. We apply two methods to get rid of such pathogens from kitchen—disinfecting and sanitizing.

Disinfectants kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. The use of sanitizers, on the other hand, reduces the numbers of harmful germs at that level which is safe to human being. We use the combination of both of these chemicals on floor, countertops and walls of kitchen.

Besides, we also use power wash techniques to get your kitchen clean. It uses force of hot water stream which is best treatment against greasy and oily surface. It cleans kitchen in short span of time.

Similarly, exhaust fan in the kitchen collects a lot of greasy dirt. Leaving it dirty for long time can cause fire. Hence, National Fire Protection Association strictly wants clean exhaust in the kitchen of any restaurant. So, it is suggested to get your exhaust fan clean once in every quarter of a year.

Our cleaning charge

There are various factors which determine the cleaning charge of a kitchen. Moreover, the frequency of cleaning is also vital before quoting the exact price. We have drafted certain basis for this purpose such as:

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly and
  • Monthly basis charge

** Power wash and exhaust fan cleaning require additional charge.

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