Nobody wants their home with full of mold here and there as it is bad for health. It will be a better option if you could look forward to know about the mold before looking for preventive measures of mold growth in your home. Well, mold is a fungal organism which is different from plants and animals which grows on decomposing organic bodies like rotten wood, leaves, etc. and feeds on it. It is difficult to figure out whether your home is infected with mold or not.

Mold not only affects your home; it is also bad for your health. Infants, children, pregnant women, elderly individuals, and people with respiratory conditions are at high risk of these problems. So, let’s check out few of the preventive measures to keep your home free from mold.


  1. Fix all the moisture problems in your home

You can prevent your home from mold by controlling the moisture level. Your routine domestic activities may encourage the growth of mold in your home. So, look for all the water leaks and stop it from enhancing mold growth. And also, look for the concrete slabs and basement walls, whether it is accumulated by water and moisture. You may need to install a sump pump or dehumidifier to prevent it from accumulation. Repair leafy roofs and plumbing fixtures. Don’t wait for any devastating consequences to occur.


  1. Improve airflow in your home

Improper air circulation within your home is also one of the causes of mold growth. So, increase air circulation within your home by ventilating your home with fresh dry air from outside. You can move the furniture away from the walls and open closet of the doors to provide warm air to all areas of home. Over fans and air-conditioning, prefer open windows. You should have enough fresh air coming inside the house to prevent mold.


  1. Clean your home regularly

Regular cleaning is the strongest and safest method of disinfecting mold from your home. Sweeping, dusting and a little elbow grease will remove or kill surface mold, before they get a chance to settle and spread all over. And, after you finish cleaning, make sure no moisture remains.


  1. Hire an HVAC contractor

Your heating and cooling system may be failing to operate properly to remove humidity. You may want to hire an HVAC contractor to check whether it is running properly. Too large systems or incorrect airflow will also slow down the removing process of humidity as expected. Ask the contractor to check your duct system for air leaks, proper size of system and air flow’s reach in each room.


  1. Prefer natural remedy

Well, if you look closely at your kitchen cupboard, you may find lots of environment-friendly alternatives to deal with mold. Try some distilled vinegar, tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract as a cure for mold growth. You can use it straight or mix with water, put it in a spray bottle and wipe with a sponge on moist surfaces to clean or prevent mold formation.


I hope the above tips were helpful to you for your daily purpose. Please share your tips in the comments below.

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