Cleaning is a habit. It is one of the best habits that should be incorporated to our children. Moreover, the habit of cleaning is the foremost technique to combat possible diseases and health related issues. Hence, we need to teach our children about cleaning and its benefits.

Explain the importance of cleaning:

Normally, kids regard cleaning jobs as daily or weekly tasks of their parents and elders. For them it is a job of grown-ups. Cleaning is important for you but for kids there are other things more important than the cleaning. So you need to explain them about the necessity and importance of it. A friendly conversation with them about neatness will motivate them to gear up. This is the point where they will understand that cleaning is all about being healthy and happy. They should understand that cleaning is the surest way to combat possible disease.

Assign small things to clean:

Once the kids are convinced for cleaning assign them small household chores like dusting chairs or wiping corner tables of a house. Teach cleaning methods to them before assigning the task. Ask them to get it clean but keep your eyes on them so that they may not ruin it while cleaning.

Examine their job after accomplishment and complement them with well-done! This will boost up their moral.

Make cleaning a real world of learning:

Yes, you can teach many things to your kid while cleaning. Describe them about the disadvantages of dirt and grime and its adverse effect on individual’s health. Here you can tell them about dust pollution, causes of dust pollution and its remedies. Similarly, you can also introduce them with some of the allergic diseases that are caused due to dust like asthma and others.

Relate them with environment through family:

Protection of environment is everyone’s responsibility. Tell them that cleaning inside the home means being responsible towards environment. Relate their individual task with the global cleaning movement. They are equally responsible for clean environment.

Try to unfold the global personality in them who are equally responsible for the entire environment that is in threat due to various reasons. Moreover, encourage them to use green products or eco-friendly cleaning agents/solutions while cleaning.

Schedule weekly program:

Cleaning is never ending process. It goes on throughout the life. Schedule a weekly cleaning program for them so that they may start up the cleaning on the designated day on time. Grade their performance after accomplishing the project. Slowly add responsibility on them but before that do not forget to teach them procedures and methods of handling fragile things while cleaning.

Let them clean their room themselves:

After few weeks of cleaning, ask them to clean their own room. Request them to make their bed, remove unnecessary papers and cloths, clean the carpet and wipe their tables. Give grade to their work and point out the things that is/are incomplete so that they may not repeat the same mistake again.

Last but not the least, after intense cleaning of your home ask your children to clean themselves because now it is their turn to take care of themselves from dirt and grime. Enjoy bathing, enjoy the weekend!

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