Hospital is a sensitive place that seeks for proper cleaning. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.4 million people (admitted in the hospitals) in the world are suffering from various infections and one of the reasons for this (infection) is lack of cleanliness in the hospital.

In the light of aforementioned fact, many hospitals are considering the service of professional janitorial at present. Choice Janitorial—Chicago’s No 1 Choice for Janitorial Service— is a trusted name in this regard as we are versed in cleaning especially, floor of the hospital, operating rooms, toilets and many more.

Furthermore, we ensure the use of eco-friendly solutions while cleaning the floor or toilets of the hospital to get it germ free.

How we clean the hospitals?

In hospitals we consider patient at first and while cleaning its floor or toilets we take patient centered approach. Our hospital cleaning method depends upon the instructions given to us by hospital administration. Normally, hospital recommends well tested cleaning agents or solution those are good at stopping the spread of germs causing infections.

Moreover, most of the hospitals prefer the use of bleach based cleaner in place of chlorine-dioxide based cleaner. This is because many studies favored former than the latter. Cleaning hard surfaces of the hospital by bleach based cleaner resulted decline in the rates of Clostridium difficile patients whereas the use of chlorine-dioxide based cleaner did not turn anything affirmative.

Other methods for effective hospital cleaning are:

  • To minimize other infections we use no touch cleaning techniques. The device used for the cleaning emits hydrogen peroxide vapor or ultraviolet light.
  • To reduce healthcare acquired infections we use wipes sprayed or moistened with hydrogen peroxide along with other required chemicals.
  • Use of copper or alloy based metals to kill bacteria.

Hospitals should constantly update itself about new techniques and methods of cleaning. Things are changing in rapid speed. And with it, every time new study reveals new fact on hospital cleaning. Many hospitals compare the findings and arrive at conclusion by using the prescribed method. Most of the hospitals prescribe those cleaning materials that are effective in killing germs and minimize the infections at the same time.

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