We all want our kids to be healthy. In order to prevent diseases and keep our children healthy and happy, we need to invest on your children. Consider teaching them these healthy habits:-

  1. Teach them good hand washing habits: It’s not about just washing hands. Hand washing must be done with warm water, for about 20 seconds, with foaming soap or a liquid hand wash gel.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t let your kids skip breakfast.
  3. Teach them to sneeze into their sleeve: This avoids the spread of mucus and germs much more than an uncovered sneeze or a sneeze into one’s hands.
  4. Cut down soda from their diet: Soda isn’t healthy for young children’s stomachs. There are a lot of bad things in soda, including high amount of sugar. Replace such beverages with water.
  5. Go outside and play: Playing is a very good exercise so encourage your kids to play and join them, maybe!
  6. Teach them about food labels: Ask for their help at the grocery store. Which cookie, drink, or treat is healthier than the other option and why? Show them how to compare sodium, fat, trans fats, dietary foods, and everything else on those nutrition labels.
  7. Eliminate screen time at least an hour before bed: Cut down the screen time, i.e. by turning off your TV, tablets, phones, and computers before going to bed.
  8. Eat colorful foods: The people who design cereals know that colorful, rainbow-colored food always gets kids jazzed. Instead of offering up sugar-flavored corn, give them colorful fruits and vegetables to get all excited about. While shopping, you can encourage them to find every color of the rainbow!
  9. On rainy and cloudy days, still get moving: Even during rainy and cloudy days, have a silly dance party, play a motion-controlled video game, or do jumping jacks just to keep the blood moving.
  10. Keep things positive: Don’t let them feel insecure or less confident about their bodies. When people exercise, they’re often made fun of. Encourage them to respect and love themselves the way they already are.
  11. Don’t use unhealthy things as a reward for good behavior: Don’t reward them with sugary snacks, lazy screen time, etc when they do some good job.
  12. Take care of yourself: Show them that you follow healthy habits and be a role model for them, as children do learn many things from elders.

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