Are you willing to sell a foreclosed home? Well, wait a while if you want a good deal.

Normally, people involved in property business or real state are quite interested in foreclosed property. This is because such home is in abandoned or neglected condition where everything is a mess. The overgrown lawns, marked walls surface, metal scraps and dirty surface with thick dust and grime are responsible for decreasing the property value of vacant home. So, they prefer to purchase such neglected property in low price and make huge profit by reselling it. Do you know how a realtor gets best deal from your foreclosed property? Well, a realtor just gets it professionally cleaned before reselling it and bags good profit.  Do you think he just made profit out of your property? No, he also made it out of your ignorance.

Foreclosure cleanup can increase the value of your neglected property by 40 per cent. So always get your foreclosed home professionally cleaned before selling it.

What is foreclosure cleanup?

It is a combination of different cleaning services which cleaning organization agrees to provide on lump sum price to home or property owner. For example, you hired Choice Janitorial for foreclosure cleanup. And we agreed to provide combination of different services like mopping, dusting, power/pressure wash, window cleaning and many others on lump sum price or on the basis of time spent on cleaning site then it is called foreclosure cleanup.

Benefits of foreclosure cleanup

  • The first and foremost benefit is—it increases the property value by 40 per cent
  • Quality service at very low price in comparison to other specific cleaning services
  • Offers combination of different service at a time
  • Meets deadline perfectly

Why hire Choice Janitorial for the purpose?

Dealing with entire trash of an abandoned home is surely not an easy job. It requires expertise, experience and knowledge. Choice Janitorial has all three qualities as the organization is a team of experts and is in the field for 15 years.

We understand your need so we get the job done on time because we know you want to put it on sale as soon as possible. Moreover, you want pristine home before the buyer gets on the site so that the property may create impression in the eyes of purchaser.

Furthermore, our cleaning is eco-friendly based. Normally, most of the junk such as furniture, appliances and clothing items collected from your property while cleaning are donated whereas other debris are managed appropriately.

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