The debate between dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning is ongoing since long time back. Both types—dry and steam—claim their superiority on the ground of each other’s advantages and disadvantages.

What is dry carpet cleaning?

The dry carpet cleaning is one of the methods of carpet cleaning that uses special machines and chemicals in foam or powder form. Although we call it dry carpet cleaning but in reality it uses very low moisture and due to this the method is also referred as ‘very low moisture’ cleaning.  Here below we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of dry carpet cleaning:

Advantages Disadvantages
It requires least dry time. Hence, the cleaned carpet can be used back immediately. The method does not ensure deep cleaning as it cannot penetrate deep inside the layer of the carpet.
The method is perfect solution for busy offices and home with children. The cleaning compound left on the carpet can release dirt back on the surface of the carpet which can even damage the carpet over time.
Normally, people who need urgent carpet cleaning go with this method. The chemicals used in this process can release odor which can create problem to people who have chemical sensitivity.
The cleaning method is quite easy. Despite the fact, professional Cautiously use cleaning chemical in this process. As stated earlier, it uses powder chemical which is easily trapped in the carpet and dust particles are also trapped with it as a result dust and allergens can build up over the course of time.


What is steam carpet cleaning?

It is also known as hot water soil extraction cleaning method. It uses special type of equipment that sprays heated water on the surface of the carpet along with cleaning chemical especially, cleaning detergents. After that it immediately extracts dirt and other soil particles from the carpet. Here below we highlight its merits and demerits:

Advantages Disadvantages
Steam carpet cleaning method is in use since long time back. Drying time of carpet is the main challenge of steam carpet cleaning and it depends on various factors like exposure of sun, humidity and temperature.
Least use of chemical in the process ensures health and environment. The method is not appropriate for jute-backed old carpets and carpet with natural fiber. The cleaning can shrink the jute or natural fiber.
The concept of green cleaning is possible with steam carpet cleaning. Not effective against pet and chemical stains.
You can reapply stain protection on the carpet after cleaning it. Some carpets are installed with stain protection at the time of manufacturing. This method of cleaning can remove it.


However, both the techniques of carpet cleaning—dry and steam—are in use as per the requirement of customers. Take professional’s advice before selecting one of the methods.

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