The cold wet stuff has a way of arriving without regard of our busy schedules. Of course, it’s not a problem and more like bliss if you’re only job is to make snow angels and taking a nap. But if you need to make a path for your car quickly and drive off safely, it pays to prepare.  So, start with the right equipment, and then stick to these time-tested removal methods. You’ll be on your way-or back inside making cocoa, in no time.

Material of Choice

When buying a new shovel, common sense says that larger the scoop, the quicker the job. But that doesn’t mean that you should automatically, shop for the biggest bucket. Snow, particularly wet snow is heavy, and heavier the scoop, the more strain you’ll put on your neck, shoulders and back. So, it would be best to keep the dimensions moderate. A good size for most of the situation would be 18 to 22 inches wide.

Getting the shaft

It doesn’t matter how strong a shovel blade is if the shaft twists, turns, and bows while you’re trying to use it. Look for the shovels with a sturdy steel, aluminum, or wooden handles. With their high strength-to-weight ratio, fiberglass and resin handles are the premium choice, although you’ll pay up to 20% more than the other handles.

What you’ll be paying

Prices for snow shovel ranges from as low as $15 flimsy plastic model on up to $125 for a solid steel shovel with a wooden or fiberglass shaft. However, most good-quality shaft falls between $30 to $50 price range.

When snow comes to shove

When it comes to physical exertion, it’s always better to push the snow than to lift it. Push-type snow shovel or plows are great for driveway and walks where you can easily shove the snow off to the side. Because snow shovels are large in size, anywhere from 24 inches to 36 inches wide. They aren’t very handy when it comes to the snow which is deep or has to be thrown over a snow bank. So, make sure that the size of the snow pusher isn’t wider than your narrowest pathways.

Safety first

It isn’t just a myth that many people get injured during the simple act of shoveling snow. In fact, according to a study, there are more than 11,000 medical emergencies relating to shoveling snow. Also, the study found that 2 minutes of snow shoveling can cause stress in your cardiovascular system and raise heart rates past beyond recommended levels.  So, always keep safety in mind while shoveling snow. Alternatives include using a snow blower or hiring a professional snow-removal contractor as well.

More snow and colder temperatures always seem to be on the horizon, but if you prepare and follow the guidelines mentioned above, you’ll have no problem with the sweater weather.

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