There is a huge difference between deep home cleaning and general home cleaning. Normally, people consider both as same so homeowners have to make sure whether they require general cleaning or deep cleaning at the time of hiring janitorial service.

Deep cleaning of a home means giving complete attention to your residence. It focuses on every nook and corner to cranny and crevices of a home. General cleaning of a house, on the other hand, is quite simple and is relatively less time consuming.

Moreover, in the context of a home, rigorous cleaning is occasional or once a year affair whereas general cleaning, normally, is once a week event. Hence, intense cleaning is costlier than simple home cleaning service.

It is suggested to hire thorough cleaning service before you move or relocate in new dwelling. It is must with recently built house as everything is in mess after the construction. The kitchen, bathroom, living and other spaces definitely require special attention. Deep cleaning increases air quality of your new residence that will secure health of entire family members.

Professional cleaners are versed in thorough cleaning of each and every part of a home. The floor is treated with disinfectants, counter tops and cabinets at kitchen are well sanitized and chlorine-free bleach is applied on sink. Similarly, marks and stubborn stains on the walls and switch boards are treated appropriately.

Deep cleaning focuses bathroom equally. Showers are disinfected, tile grouts are well scrubbed and toilets are disinfected.

Furthermore, this is a right time to get your old carpet, furniture, stove and other things clean. Expert people will clean the carpet as per its type whereas stove seeks for special attention especially if it is in use since long time back.

Besides relocation, some homeowners hire deep cleaning service when they plan during holidays or schedule special event in the home.

As stated earlier, deep cleaning presents you a healthy home. Thorough cleaned home is responsible for checking contaminants that can make you and your family members sick. The act helps in detecting mold growth and take relevant step to check it. Mold is responsible for causing allergies, asthma and other respiratory related illness. This is right time to get rid of clutter accumulated in the home.   Similarly, a clean home resembles you and leaves your impression deep among visitors. It is one of the ways to live stress free and happy life.

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