Choice Janitorial has been delivering commercial cleaning service since its inception. In this course of 15 years we have reached hundreds of commercial areas, delivered expected service and accomplished the project with the exchange of smiles.

We are the organization with a set of experts who are versed in every part of commercial cleaning due to which we are regarded as a trustworthy janitorial service provider in entire Chicago.

Generally, corporate houses or business groups remember us for five types of commercial cleaning—general and deep office cleaning, industrial cleaning, foreclosure clean up, car park cleaning and window cleaning.

General and deep office cleaning:

General office cleaning is simple and routine type cleaning which is responsible for delivering fresh looking spotless floors, clean work stations, hygienic kitchen, etc. The process is best way to get rid of germs and dust. Mopping and vacuuming is common with general office cleaning.

Deep office cleaning, on the other hand, gives a total attention to your office focusing every nook and corner of the workplace. It is costly affair and time consuming so business houses normally carry out this type of cleaning at least twice a year.

Industrial cleaning:

Industrial cleaning is more complicated than general and deep office cleaning. The cleaning processes and methods are determined by the things to be cleaned and the type of industry. It requires extensive knowledge and expertise because this kind of cleaning demands perfect safety measures at first. Only trained and experienced cleaners like us involve in industrial cleaning. Well trained manpower, special cleaning agents and equipment and tools are used for this. Hence, it is expensive.

Foreclosure clean up:

It is our experience that people involved in real estate or property business call us for foreclosure clean up. Normally, such property (foreclosed property) is in abandoned condition as a result everything is a mess here. After purchasing such neglected property realtors get it professionally cleaned at first. This will increase the property value by around 40 per cent.

This cleaning involves combination of different services like mopping, dusting, power/pressure wash, windows cleaning and more on aggregate price.

Car park cleaning:

Perfectly cleaned car park resembles the entire office. New visitors start making perception about you and your office from this very area so always keep your car park neat and clean.

Cleaning car park is something that Choice Janitorial enjoys a lot. After inspecting the condition of the parking area we select one of the cleaning techniques—power wash or pressure wash—which will deliver you tidy car park.

Window cleaning:

Window cleaning is different than general office cleaning. This part of cleaning focuses on the outer surface of the windows which involves risk and demands for well trained staff.

Windows consist of glass and it requires right treatment. Dust and grime are accumulated on the outer surface of the glass. This curtains the beauty of entire office. So, it should be cleaned in appropriate manner.

Window cleaning demands right equipment and tools. Professionals use right cleaning solutions to regain the shiny look of glass which will undoubtedly further brighten your office.

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