Halloween is undeniably fun holiday event with costumes, parties and lots of tricks and treats to fill the night. Unfortunately, the morning after can turn into a horror story when you are faced with cleaning chores. From melted chocolates to gooey candy to glitter and kids playing tricks and treats that gets everywhere, the scariest thing about Halloween is the mess.

To stop the fear of this clean-up there are some tricks to aid the cleaning up process and most Halloween stains can be easily eliminated using products you already have around the house. Here’s exactly how to clean up after Halloween.

Chocolate stains

Way to avoid tricks is opting for treats instead. If kids are playing trick or treat in the neighborhood, they may come home with pockets full of chocolate bars, candy, chocolate covered sweets, and anything chocolate-y.

Chocolate stains can be tricky to remove from fabrics. If you use hot water, it will melt causing enzymes to be further absorbed into the fabric. First step is to carefully scrape off as much as chocolate without grinding the stain further into the fabrics. Next hold the stain upside down and rinse under cold water while adding detergent as you rinse. Or apply stain remover and wash.Wash again if necessary with fabric- or color-safe bleach.

Sticky candy and gums

Blot candy stains. To remove candy stains, blot the stained area with some vinegar and water. If you find gums in your home, rub ice cube over the stain until it freezes and hardens and then scrape off as much of the hardened gum without rubbing stains deeper into the fabric. Dab with dry-cleaning solvent if you have some on hand; otherwise, apply stain remover and wash.


Halloween means craving pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Before carving a jack-o-lantern, lay down newspapers under the pumpkin for easy cleanup. Too late? If you get pumpkin pulp on your floors, scrape off the excess pumpkin pulp immediately, then scrub with solution of dishwashing liquid and water. If you happen to get pumpkin on any carpeted areas of your home you should start by removing any excess pulp.Next blot the stain with white distilled vinegar. Sprinkle a little baking soda to prevent pumpkin odor and vacuum it up in a few hours. If the stain persists call a professional carpet cleaning company.


Glitter is so enticing and yet such an absolute wreck of a substance when it comes to removing it from your person and home Vacuum any excess glitter you can. Play-Doh is great at picking up glitter and removing the glitter from surfaces.

Shaving cream

Shaving cream can leave stains on outdoor items, fortunately, it can easily be removed with hose and microfiber cloth. If your car is the victim, though, you should have it professionally washed.

Toilet paper

Make sure to clean up toilet paper before it starts raining or before sprinklers go off, as wet toilet paper is a nightmare to clean. Use duct tape to remove toilet paper. Wrap the duct around a long pole, with sticky side exposed, on the end and use it remove toilet paper from hard to reach places.


Eggs need to be cleaned up ASAP if eggs have enough time to dry they can permanently stain your home.First, pick up the eggshells, then use a hose to remove as much of the egg as possible.If it has stuck to the surface, make a solution of half water and half vinegar and soak the stain. After 20minutes it should wipe away easily.

Hairspray stains

At a successful Halloween party your guest will be fully committed to their fancy dress. This will involve outlandish costumes that could leave mess around the house.  Luckily it is easy to remove this stain as all you need is some rubbing alcohol and cotton wool. Put the rubbing alcohol on the cotton wool and apply this to stain until the stain has vanished.


These tricks to cleaning up your Halloween mess will relieve you of any staining worries. Enjoy scariest fun-filled night of the year with less of cleaning fright.

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