So you had a party at your place, everybody had a good time and it was amazing. You are (not?) hung-over and your apartment has never looked messier. Plates everywhere, spills here and there, trash can full to the brim, furniture askew; you do not know where to start. Worry no more; Choice Janitorial’s simple and easy-to-follow guide to after-party cleanup will lead you to a clean house in no time.


Round 1: Scavenge Carry a garbage bag and a laundry basket. Go around the house picking up items that do not belong in the particular room. Select an area that is common to all rooms (the living room, maybe) for collecting dishes that need to be cleaned. Just bring and pile them up there for now. As you can guess, garbage goes into the garbage bag (obviously!) and things that belong in another room go in the laundry basket.


Round 2: Toss The dishes you collected in the living room; bring them to the kitchen. Toss food scraps from the plates and bowls into a garbage bag. Empty half-filled glasses and cups into the sink. Put all of them in the dishwasher and start when it’s fully loaded. Tie up garbage bags and take them out while the dishes are being cleaned.


Round 3: Shine & Straighten Take a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. Cup rings on the furniture, sauce stains on the table- you get the idea. This is your time to tackle all spills and stains. Straighten furniture, fluff up cushions/pillows and adjust rugs. Now doesn’t your home look so much better?


Round 4: Sweep away This is the final round of cleaning up after a party. Whip out your vacuum cleaner and clean them carpets. If you have hardwood or laminate floors, a quick mop should do it. And now you have, your house back to its original glory.


Quick Tip- I know that it’s not the most appealing idea, but cleaning up right after your guests leave makes it so much easier to clean the next morning. The odor from stale food and alcohol is horrible. Even if you do not do a thorough cleaning the very day, do try to at least clean up the food and alcohol.

Happy Cleaning!


P.S –  Remember Choice Janitorial for thorough and affordable  house cleaning services ranging from common area cleaning to window and roof cleaning.