Winter is coming to northern half of our world. We spend more time inside our walls and less outside. Some home cleaning tasks and maintenance are to be done before winter arrives. Here I have listed some of such cleaning tips to prepare your home for winter.


Furnace cleaning:

We should inspect and clean the furnace before the start of the winter to ensure it won’t break down in the middle of a snowy night.  We should dust the furnace, clean it thoroughly and change the filter once a month to keep it working at its best condition.


Dust all the corners and ceilings

You are going to lock yourself in your home for most of the time in winter. Our home collects a lot of dust and dirt during the scorching and dusty summer. And you do not want to inhale such things in winter with all your doors and windows closed. So dust your entire home including nooks and corners.


Cleaning tops of everything

Besides tables, chairs, and countertops, there are tops of other stuff and horizontal surfaces we ignore while cleaning. Dust and dirt nest on horizontal surfaces like tops of doors, windows, trim, baseboard, bulbs and lighting, computers and TV’s tops and more. So dust off all those surfaces.


Underside cleaning

While cleaning, we merely leave tops of tables, chairs, upholsteries items, etc. However, undersides are ignored. And that is where dust and dirt are accumulated.  Tilt such items of your home and clean the undersides for a healthy and cleaned interior for winter.


Upgrade the entry

You can winterize your entry by adding a boot scraper and a separate rack for wet footwear. Install a tough outdoor mat to unsoil the shoes and if you already have one, give it a proper cleaning.


Clean windows pans

Sunbeams are needed the most in this season of a year. Dirty window glasses drastically cut the daylight in the time when you need it the most. So use a clean piece of microfiber cloth and a mixture of white vinegar, detergent, and water to clean your windows pans.


Wash and sanitize the garbage bins

During winter, we want to avoid going out in the chilly weather. So it’s better to wash and keep them in the sun to disinfect the garbage bins.

These are just a few. Other cleaning tips to make your home ready for winter include cleaning carpets and floors, tiles and grout, air duct, cleaning kitchen ceilings and so on. Make sure you have de-icers, shovels and waterproof mats in order to deal with snow.  Prepare yourselves and your home for the winter.

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