One of the most basic aspects of appliance maintenance involves keeping the unit clean. Perform regular cleaning to remove dirt, dust and grime from surfaces. For example, if you allow the shelves and interior of a refrigerator to become soiled with food and debris, these areas may become permanently stained.

If you don’t keep the gasket of the refrigerator clean, the seal may stop performing correctly to keep cool air inside the refrigerator. Similarly, if you allow the interior of a washing machine to become soiled and dirty, you may notice that your clothing does not emerge from the washing machine as clean as it should.


The space behind your refrigerator is a meeting place for dust, gunk, and a host of other stuff that’s fallen behind the big guy. Dirt and dust can clog up refrigerator coils, restricting air flow and causing the refrigerator to work harder to keep cool. To clean, pull out the refrigerator and mop up whatever you find. Then, vacuum those refrigerator coils behind or beneath your fridge, which will put less stress on the motor and prolong its life. Another part to pay attention to is the door’s rubber gaskets. Keep them sealed tightly by regularly scrubbing off food and debris with soap and warm water.


Pour half cup of water into a bowl with half-squeezed lemon juice. Place the bowl in the microwave and let it boil for 3 minutes. Then, wait for 5minutes, the stream tapped inside will help loosen food junk.  Now carefully remove the bowl, use dry dishtowel to wipe the inside of the microwave clean starting with the ceiling and the sides, finish with the floor and door. If you come across stubborn spots that won’t easily wipe away, dip the corner of your dishtowel in the lemon-water and scrub until the spot comes away.


If you can remove the grates and knobs, do.  Soak them in soapy water while you wipe down the stovetop. Wipe and scrub away the grease splatters and spilled sauces, re-soaping your sponge if necessary. Then, rinse your sponge so that the water runs clear and with long strokes, wipe away the soap. Use a clean, dry kitchen towel to buff, buff, buff the shiny surfaces until they are streak-free, getting water out of the corners. Scrub the grease off of the knobs and grates that have been soaking. Rinse and let dry completely.


Clean the dishwasher? Clean the thing that is responsible for cleaning other things? You might think your dishwasher is clean considering the number of times each week it runs hot water and soap through its system —but it’s got a messy job, and sometimes parts of that job get left behind. You should check the drain in the bottom of the machine and look for debris clogging up the bottom of the door and remove any solid matter that has built up. If you have a filter, remove and disassemble the parts in your sink. Use a toothbrush to wash with a baking soda paste, or warm soapy water. Rinse well. Also, wipe the gaskets around the door to ensure a tight seal.


When your oven starts smoking, it’s time for a heavy-duty cleaning. Heat your oven gently and allow cooling down. When the oven is just warm, add enough water to a cup of bicarbonate of soda to make a thin paste. Apply the paste thinly to the walls of your oven, avoiding any elements. Let the mixture set over a few hours. Then take a damp rag and gently wipe the mixture off. The bicarbonate of soda will break down the grease and grime and make it easy to remove. Now, put the racks back into the oven. Adjust your oven to a low temperature for 15-20 minutes to let it dry.

Washing machine

Add the baking soda mixture (1/4 cup of baking soda + 1/4 cup of water) to the detergent container of your machine and pour 2 cups of vinegar into the drum. Set your washer to normal load at the hottest water setting. Close the door and start the machine, letting it do all the hard work for you. The baking soda and vinegar naturally break up mineral deposits and any mold growth while cleaning and refreshing your washing machine. Use a clean scrubber to rub around the opening of the washing machine, removing stubborn mold or residue. Wipe clean with fresh water. Once you’re finished, take a few minutes to clean your dryer too!

That’s it! Hope your cleaning endeavors makes your appliances as good as new. Sure, you guys have some great tips for cleaning appliance other than what I have discussed above. Any other helpful tips or methods to clean home appliance are welcome, please post them on comment section below for our readers. Also, discuss your cleaning experience and troubles you came across along the process.


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