A clean office portrays healthy working environment. Neat and tidy office is responsible for its output and productive work force. It is our second home as we spend at least eight hours a day here. So, it is essential to keep our office neat and clean. A beautiful looking tidy office boost ups your morale leaving deep impression on your clients.

Here below we highlight few tips which are beneficial in keeping your work place neat and clean:

  • Draft Cleaning Schedule
  • It is your office so; you are primarily responsible for its cleanliness. Be sure that nobody else from outside will popup and clean your work station. Every single staff cleaning their work station will lessen the cleaning burden of the office to some extent.

    Similarly, a team should be assigned every day for the cleaning of other things such as counters, windows, door and so forth. For a team, it is just a matter of around 20 minute. The act should be monitored frequently by the team leader keeping its record.

    This will save the cleaning cost of the organization and the same money (surplus amount) can be allocated for other cleaning areas like bathroom, kitchen, floor tiles, doormats, carpet and many more. This is the best way to keep your office clean as it is effective and efficient.

  • Use Cleaning Materials and Equipment
  • The use of cleaning materials especially, solutions will give you shining cleanliness at minimum effort. People do not like to rub over the marks frequently and hardly. A drop of cleaning solution will give good result at least labor. Rubbing same spot for longer time is tedious and people switch to another part if the rubbed surface does not get clean after locking horns with it for some time. It is just a waste of time with no desired result.

    Furthermore, the organization should have few cleaning equipment, materials and solutions at its possession. Some of them are:

    1. Vacuum cleaner
    2. Brush and dust pan
    3. Bucket
    4. Mop
    5. Surface spray
    6. Solutions
    7. Detergent and sponge

    These are the basic things that will keep your office clean and germs free. But do not forget to use eco-friendly materials while cleaning your office. Chemical based applied solution can be risky to your health. There are also chances that such solutions can ruin your floor tiles and other things. The use of eco-friendly cleaning materials simply says that you are environment conscious. Always check the pH of the solution that you are going to apply for.

  • Do Not Overlook Corners
  • Every office has some corners and it is one of the most neglected parts as it is least in use. It is possible that the minimum traffic areas of the office accumulate large part of dirt. And, grime here goes on accumulating until it takes messy shape. So, it is better to take early initiation and get the job done before it looks untidy.

  • Handle Garbage Properly
  • Garbage bin consists of various things like kitchen based wastage like vegetables wastage, leftover food and many more. These things are responsible for foul smell throughout the office especially, in summer days. It is one of the reasons attracting pests in the office. Hence, handling of garbage is essential.

    Depending upon the feasible time always give few minutes to dump garbage in wide dump-bin. These things should be executed in early office hours when clients are least in numbers as no visitors in office prefers to see garbage passing by her/his side.

  • Always Monitor Your Office Spaces

Monitoring office space will update you regarding cleanliness of your office. Check all the corners, counters and kitchen properly. Do not let boxes or wrappings scattered here and there. Never forget to empty your bins at regular interval.

The tips aforementioned are helpful in getting neat and clean office. It is not mandatory regulations. The truth is your conscience reaction over untidiness. The highlighted facts will give you certain guidelines but, in reality, what matters is your initiation and responsibility over grime.

The blog is all about incorporating cleaning culture in you benefiting you in personal and office environment.

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