Carpet requires professional cleaning—at least once a year. High foot traffic is one of the reasons for the accumulation of dirt on the surface of the carpet. This not only diminishes the beauty of the carpet but is also responsible for reducing its life.  Hence, to regain original look of the carpet and to extend its life, professional cleaning is must. Moreover, expert cleaning of this thick woven fabric ensures health of your family and staff.

Why not Do it yourself with the carpet?

In order to save some money people prefer to clean their carpet themselves but this does not produce satisfactory result in the end. Moreover, there is high chance of damaging carpet while cleaning it yourself because you lack expertise and cleaning knowledge and methods.

Normally, people use shampoo to clean their carpet but they do not know application procedures. The soapy residue left on the carpet can damage carpet fibers. Similarly, over-wetting results mold and mildew problems along with discoloring.

Hence, we suggest you to hire professional for carpet cleaning. There are various methods of carpet cleaning and here below we are highlighting some common methods that will give you clean carpet within small time frame at least expense.

Dry extraction is one of the popular methods of carpet cleaning. Technically, required quantity of moisture is applied on the carpet resulting clean and dry carpet. It is also known as moisture control process.

The process requires cleaning chemicals (solutions) and equipment. Two things are essential in this method: the quantity or the ratio of solutions used and application method of the solution. The cleaning machine with counter-rotating brushes spins on the carpet moving cleaning solutions. Dirt is dissolved in the solution and the machine reabsorbs the liquid as a result carpet is left dry for vacuuming. The carpet is ready to use after vacuum.

Similarly, professionals also use carbonated cleaning solution to clean the carpet. They spray carbonated solution on the carpet. The carbonation lets the cleaning solution reach at carpet fibers. In this process the carpet does not get that much wet. Dirt is dissolved in the solution. Machine with soft cotton pads rolls over the carpet to get it clean. Most of the offices prefer this method of carpet cleaning because it cleans carpet within an hour so that they can use it immediately.

Wet cleaning is another method of carpet cleaning that is widely used by professionals. It is also known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction. First of all, chemical is applied all over the carpet. The soil and oil-based dirt in the carpet fibers get dissolve in the chemical. Hot water heated near its boiling point is pressurized and applied on the carpet. After around 15 minutes, vacuum is applied over the carpet to extract the solution. Wet cleaning method is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Dry foam method of professional carpet cleaning is inexpensive, fast and simple. In order to get dirt out of the carpet cleaning agent or dry foam is applied on the carpet. A machine with rotating brush is rolled over it (carpet). This thoroughly cleans the carpet. After some time, vacuum is applied on the carpet to extract the foam.

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