School cleaning is bit different than cleaning other commercial areas. We have to pay special attention regarding the use of cleaning solution as there are students of different age groups here. Using strong chemicals in the name of cleaning can have adverse effect on the health of children so we strictly follow scientifically approved technique for school cleaning.

Thousands of students, hundreds of teachers and other staff members gather in a school at a time. They are unknowingly responsible for bringing disease causing germs inside the school by different means. Due to this reason school requires professional cleaning because it checks possible outbreak of any kind of disease.

Choice Janitorial has been delivering school cleaning service since long time back. Our service is able to reduce sickness related absenteeism rate of students, teachers and other staff because our cleaning process gets rid of bacteria and germs.

Sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning is the core of our school cleaning technique.

We are surrounded by millions of microorganism and none can deny the fact. Such microorganisms threat our health if its number exceeds the level that is marked safe to human health. Hence, sanitizers bring the level of germs to safety level reducing chance of infection.

Unlike sanitizer, disinfectant destroys or kills germs as a result spread of disease is checked at the very beginning. Cleaning, on the other hand, gets rid of dust, dirt and grime from the surface/s.

We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions in this entire process.

We always clean the school based on its cleaning standard. Yes, matching your cleaning standard is our main objective. Our experts extend hands on almost everything that comes in regular contact with the people here. Door, windows, desk, chair, etc are some its common example. We also disinfect things after cleaning ensuring everyone’s health at school.

Bathrooms and toilets also need proper cleaning and our cleaners are good at sanitizing and disinfecting it scientifically.

Furthermore, flu spreading viruses are the main matter of concern for any school. They are responsible for causing different kinds of diseases due to which school is forced to close. Hence, our scientific cleaning method is perfect remedy to all this.

Last but not least, Choice Janitorial thumbs down to all kinds of cleaning products with warning sign because we pay equal attention to everyone at school while cleaning especially, students. And this is the main reason for emphasizing green products at school.

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