Do you find it hard to clean your carpet? Or, do you end up getting exhausted after every carpet wash? May be it is because you are not aware of the types of spills and their effects on your carpet.  As a matter of fact, different items that leave your carpets dirty have different effects on your carpet. Therefore, they need to be treated accordingly.

Here we provide some effective tips that will make your carpet cleaning task a lot easier.


When it comes to cleaning coffee stain, all that you will need is is a mixture of vinegar and water. Pour small amount of mixture over the stain. Leave it for a few minutes  and wipe it with a soft cloth. A solution of soda soda tonic water can also be used to clean the coffee spill.

Pet hair:

To maintain a clean carpet, you don’t need to let go your love for having a pet at home. Simply,
use your hand to pick up the visible per hairs. Once you have removed all visible pet hairs, you can vacuum to remove any hairs that were not invisible to your eyes.


For ink spills, alcohol works best. Pour a few drops of alcohol on the spill and gently scrub it with a towel or a soft cloth. Repeat the process again for stubborn stains.


To get rid of food spill, make a solution of Borax and water. Pour required amount of the solution over the spill and vacuum up the borax.

Carpets are your valuable investment. Along with adding value to your home, carpets also reflect your personality and living standard. However, they can get dirty very easily. So, identifying the types of spills and act accordingly.

If carpet cleaning is not in your to-do list, just hire a professional carpet cleaning company.