The advantages of home cleaning through professional are not hidden from anyone. It is only the best way to keep your home healthy and happy. Intense professional cleaning checks germs and bacteria those are responsible for spreading different types of diseases in home.

In contrast, some people say that home cleaning does not require the service of professional’s. Family members can do it themselves. This might be a good idea but is definitely not the best. Why? Well, read the blog till end and find it out.


Whether you agree or not, the fact is you are not an expert cleaner. In the name of cleaning you simply dust or wipe up the things or spaces leaving germs as it is on the surface. Intense cleaning is essential to get rid of such pathogens.

Moreover, Environment Protection Agency has revealed that up to 50 per cent of structures have damp conditions. It is responsible for the growth of mold. It (mould) reduces the quality of indoor air resulting different symptoms such as asthma and allergens in you.

The only way to get rid of mold and its possible consequence is professional cleaning of your home. One more thing I would like to add here is that home cleaning does not mean cleaning few rooms or floor or kitchen counters. You should immediately hire professional if you spot green, pale or black on the walls of your home. Similarly, do not take chance with earthy smell or stained ceilings. Always remember prevention is better than cure. And professional home cleaning is the best cure in this regard.

Professional cleaners like us—Choice Janitorial—use appropriate and adequate quantity of cleaning agent (solutions) that will give you proper cleaning. The word ‘proper cleaning’ here means a clean surface without disease causing microorganisms.


Dust is not that what it appears to you. It is something more than that. Normally, it consists of organic and inorganic particles—cells of human skin, PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), smoke, byproducts of pesticides, mold spores viruses, bacteria and many more. The worst part of dust is that you are always surrounded by it and forced to inhale every time you breathe in. Dust in a home is as toxic as dust outside the home or surrounding.

Professional cleaning is the only option to improve the air quality of your home. In the name of cleaning you push dust to another corner from one corner or make the condition worse by stirring it in the air. Choice Janitorial, on the other hand, uses perfect dusting solutions, equipment and tools to collect dust and micro-particles.

Use of chemicals:

People who prefer to clean their homes themselves normally buy cleaning agents from the market and just use it. Most of them are unaware about the fact that each of such solution contains some kind of toxic residue which is linked with cancer. To save few dollars they not only expose themselves to risk but entire family members.

Furthermore, you also use the chemical in inappropriate ratio which will surely threaten the air quality of your home and environment as well. Your home cleaning process is responsible for releasing toxic fumes in air.

Hence, it is recommended to get help from professional cleaners because they have adequate knowledge regarding the use of right chemical in right proportion in right place.

Aforementioned facts simply unfold the truth regarding the need of professional home cleaner. They not just give you clean and disease free home rather protect you from different risks. Hence, professional home cleaning is the only best idea in comparison to doing it yourself.

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