A clean house has much more to do with health issues of yours and your family than just its aesthetic values. No matter how captivating looks your house has, it doesn’t serve its purpose if it’s not clean. A chaotic home environment with dirt and dust around is an indisputable contributor of health hazards. The following is an endeavor to shed light on the major health problems arising from different pathogens


  • Dust and dirt borne diseases: Dust probably is the biggest nuisance in our homes, found immeasurably settled on tables, wardrobes and racks. The dust that settles in the nose may lead to rhinitis, runny and sneezing noses and  inflammation of the mucous membrane. And the dust  in the air passages may cause inflammation of the trachea and bronchi. The prolonged exposure may lead to fatal diseases like asthma and lung infections.


  • house cleaning chicagoFood borne diseases: A significant amount of food gets wasted as residue in our homes on a daily basis. The problem gets aggravated when the improper handling of these good stuff leads to serious health issues. The role of contaminated food in disseminating diarrhea among children cannot be ignored at all. Further, the residual food may lead to a serious outbreak of Campylobacter and Salmonella. The contamination of food items and water in particular may result in bloody diarrhea and stomach cramps.


  • Ill health due uncleaned bathroom: Cleaning the bathroom on a regular basis is probably the least accomplished chore at home. Consequently a lot of dangers await you in the dirty bathroom. The molds and fungus likely to grow under bathtubs and shower can cause allergic reactions and aspergillosis. Besides, it can end up with frequent urinary tract infections, diarrhea, chronic kidney damage, constipation and psychological effects as well. And not to forget the bathtub slips and falls which are inseparable parts of uncleaned bathrooms.


  • Bacteria and germs: there cannot be any place better than a dirty home for bacteria and germs. The unwashed dishes are always decent places for E coli and Salmonella to breed and hence proliferate. Several diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, including kidney and bladder infections might result from the attack of these germs and bacteria. Likewise, the mold is very likely to cause different kinds of allergic reactions and respiratory problems.


  • Stress and anxiety: At times cluttered or messy homes can be the sole cause of stress and depression. You may lose your state of peaceful mind if your house is unacceptably unkempt. Plus, you may feel embarrassed if you are supposed to welcome your guest to a house all covered with dirt and debris.