A clean looking office always makes a good impression to anyone who comes to your office. To make that first good impression, you clean your office at regular interval.

Just a week ago, you hired a professional cleaning company to clean your entire office thoroughly. And maybe those professionals even ensured that they made your office healthy and germ-free, for they put the effort in cleaning even the hardest-to-reach corners.

They used cleaning agents, and now everything looks clean and sparkling- the walls, desks, doors, windows, and ceilings. The restrooms look remarkably clean. Even your carpets are steam cleaned and dry, and they look so elegant and hygienic.

Whee! It’s germ-free. These professionals are amazing – thought you.

Well, there are professional cleaners who pledge they have done the cleaning like no other cleaners could do.But did they do enough to make your office hygienic for at least a week or two? Is your office close to being a germ-free?

Now let me tell you, there are some other neglected areas in the office other than doorknobs and desks that accumulate a lot of germs. These areas need to be cleaned to ensure good health at the workplace. Remember, air is not the only medium through which germs travel.

So what are the areas you need to look into to “REALLY” make your office germ-free?


Keyboards and mouse

Just think about how many times an employee hits his keyboard. An employee’s hand is most of the time rested on his keyboard and mouse. Hands are the body parts that transfer most of the germs.

Use appropriate cleaning agents to clean these components time and again to make sure you do not damage them. Keep them clean to avoid germs from transferring from one employee to another.



Phones are the most used and the most unhygienic object in any office. They are held by many people and so close to the mouth. In this process, the germs from the mouth and hands of one employee are transferred to the phone and later to another employee.


Chair arms

Chair arm, undoubtedly, is the most comfortable place to rest our hands. However, this also makes it easier for germs to travel from your hands to the chair arms.

The next time someone else uses it, the germs find their new host.


Bathroom tap handles

You got to go when you got to go!

But do you think everyone cares to wash their hands “properly” after using the washroom? Well, I doubt.

Though you cannot make everyone wash their hands using a hand wash each time they use the washroom, you can at least clean your bathroom tap handles with a cleaning agent regularly.

No matter how hard you try to stop them, germs will find their way into their host. You cannot completely destroy them, but you can control or at least minimize their way into your employees’ body. And how do you do that? By cleaning the most hard-to-reach and the most unobvious and ignored areas in your office.

Keep this in mind, A clean office -> healthy employees -> more productivity -> more business -> more money!

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